What if Vegetable as Source Idea for Fashion?

the vegetable fashion dress

the vegetable fashion dress

Meredith Wing is a fashion industry worker in New York. She had studied architecture until graduated. Her daily profession is making creative content for Coach, Grey Goose, Patron, CosmoGirl, Pantone, Soho House and Tory Burch. However, the desire now is to create a variety of unique fashion illustration with fruit, vegetables, flowers, and other unusual objects.

Meredith has been in contact with the art of drawing and fashion from an early age. As a child, she was fond of drawing a woman in her fancy dress and playing with food. Now she mix it both the hobbyist into new creative works.

Women dressed in foodstuffs and the flowers she named Some Flower Girls. Through Moomooi.com sites and Instagram, Meredith shares his works with netizens from around the world. Apparently, illustration cardboard Meredith was warmly welcomed by netizens. Of course, this makes Meredith increasingly eager to make more pictures.

“Everyone needs a bit of an escape from their everyday life. Hearing that someone smiling because of what I share makes my job feel worthwhile,” she said.