2017 Fashion Trend You Have To Know!

As a fashionable woman, you have to update your knowledge about fashion in every season. Second trimester of 2017, some of new fashion style getting popular. Many new color and pattern
increasingly in demand. Stripes and shirt are being the most wanted fashion this year.

Well, if you wondering what fashion style will be trend on 2017, you have to read this whole article. You can get some inspiration what to wear for dating on weekend or attend a dinner invitation. Here some fashion style you have to try. Check this out!

1. Boys Meets Girls
Mix and matching outfit pieces of male silhouette with the main items of women’s stuff will be the nice combination of chic and masculine look. Shirts, and also long-sleeved tops being a super major fashion item for this look.

2. Pleats
This 2017, pleats detail are not only apply on skirt. In the upcoming season, it has transformed into a more modern shirt and being an additional accents on clothing. You have to try this new style for your ‘outfit of the day’ picture.

3. See Through
Transparent fabric on the apparel will be the most complementary trend next season. Organza or sheer material will make every look more dramatic and chic. This style can apply to the backside of the shirt, for the sleeve part, or in your skirt.

4. Embroidery and Embellishment
Will be the most intricate details in the next season fashion style, you have to try embroidery and embellishment for your clothes. Flowers will apply as 3D part on your shirt and skirt, or you can get a geometric embroidery with some gemstones on it.

5. High Slit
Details slit on the clothes also being one of the most prevalent trends for the upcoming season. Starting from the shirt, until a long dress, will stole the attention with the slit on it. Well, you have to try this fashion style for your fancy dinner.

So, there are five fashion style you can apply on your daily outfit. You have to grab one for each style and put it on your clothing shelf.